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released December 13, 2013



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I Exalt Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Astral Desertion - featuring Sean Harmanis from Make Them Suffer
The body will never be anything more than a vessel that bounds us to this earth. Punish this world, we will become infinite. Sentence me, the unholy aggressor, set us free from the grasp of an idol that I choose not to believe in, nor trust. No god breathes trust from this, our whole life is being designed to trap the mind. In a state of petrified motion, in which we cannot become whole again. Crawl to me, and feast upon this empty shell. Learn from me, I beg you to free me, and send forth the said betrayer. Punish this world, we will become infinite and trigger global recreation. Enter into the collapsing void. Free my mind from this life, free my mind from this life. Free my mind, free my mind. The body will never be anything more than a vessel that bounds us to this earth. We are the last few that can change this planet for what it is. Useless, we abandon the vessels that hold us in restraint. Set free from the hand that holds our external body back. We can become complete, and leave this tomb behind. The bodies will but lay in topsoil of sediment and rot. Last chance, no more prophets, no more gods. Fear.
Track Name: Desolate Hollows
Born into a smokeless fire, a branch lay withered in the hollows tonight. Desolation, as she fears reality, he fell before you, as you lay in fear. Withering amongst the leaf-litter, her body lays, watching frozen eyes fixed in a petrified state. Motionless, a cerebral shutdown of her mental status, an intoxicating sweat begins to lace her being. What an atrocity I have become, a creature with no human instinct. Living an alternate reality, this beast will feast and mutilate. These pleas will echo through the hollows but achieve nothing, a thief of innocence. Dragged through that grass and forcibly fucked. Murderer of innocence. Burn into your destiny, not even death can cleanse your acts. This rose lay withering, amongst the hollows, desolated, her life is now nothing. Left dead at your hands. Murderer, her innocence taken, only twelve two days ago. Back in time only two days, just far enough to know. Reality has struck, and this is it. Only twelve two days ago, left her mothers side. She wakes to intoxicating sweat and rubs the dirt from her eyes. The pain so real, it rendered her to a half conscious state, judged by all. These reasons she never asked, she gave up, she caved in. I don't blame her, to live like this. Only twelve two days ago, left her mothers side. Is this this all she had.
Track Name: Purge - featuring Nick Arthur from Molotov Solution
What a disgusting presence you bring forth from me, a dead body at birth. I will lead as overlord, and conquer every feeble mind in my process of elimination.
Your people did not need you. This war has been cold for far too long now. Spill preacher blood on the pedestals that they stand, screaming abominations.
Purge the belligerent fool, from the sinus of mass control. Who drool putridity that is belief, look at this fossilised horde.
We do not need you.
We do not need you.
The ice-age of religion must come to a halt. We will forge the masses and beckon forth the free world. Not another scapegoat.
His mind is just the creation of enslavement.
Purge before me.
Track Name: Harvested
Fuck this planet. Eyeless and crawling as you lay amongst these bodies, a crafter of the innocent. Filled with malicious intent, he cannot bleed before his people. To be seen as weak. End this reign and drop the gluttonous spoon. We begin the harvest, first picking off the weak, carving through this planet, desolating your known. To begin construction, the halt of an era. We now live as one, my answer to follow. You are born empty-handed. Construction. You grow in this atmosphere. Evolve. You breathe in the vile spawn. Infect. We cannot keep this cycle in motion, begin disinfection of this gangrenous horde. I detest this whole fucking race. Your god will pay with his life. Eyeless an crawling as you lay amongst these bodies, a crafter of the innocent. Filled with malicious intent, he cannot bleed before his people. Debilitate. Lacerate. Asphyxiate. Decapitate. Penetrate. Fornicate. Manipulate. Obliterate. Let the blood coagulate. This land is now a burial ground of a once known civilization. Fuck this planet. Leave this world to rot. Fuck this planet.
Track Name: Seperate Entity
As you see, I have become the ultimate entity. Beg for your saviour to end my reign, the wall between your world and my wrath dissipate. We are the lowest form of creation. We are the lowest form of conception. Separate and become the ultimate overruling entity. We are only the beginning, time will bring the infliction of change. Accept my possession, accept my price. As we enter into our vessels to leave out feeble bodies behind, who walk aimlessly as designed. We soon realize that this life was just a fabrication and there is no real reason why we are here. You can only hold onto what little you have for so long, now I take this waste of resource as my own. Devoured, you are now waste with the consistency of compost. My mind is struggling to find a common ground between power and fear, each wire becomes loose sending dead signals causing malfunction. I was born in the nothing. I am now the the separate entity.